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 +<WRAP round download 60%>
 +[[https://​​conventionofstates/​pages/​145/​attachments/​original/​1410015958/​States-Control-Article-V.pdf?​1410015958|PDF download]]
 ====== Can We Trust the Constitution?​ ====== ====== Can We Trust the Constitution?​ ======
 {{tag>​Runaway_Convention Ratification Congress_role}} {{tag>​Runaway_Convention Ratification Congress_role}}
-**Answering The "​Runaway Convention"​ Myth**+**Answering The "​Runaway Convention"​ Myth** ​([[http://​​can_we_trust_the_constitution|source]])
 **By Michael Farris, JD, LLM**\\ ​ **By Michael Farris, JD, LLM**\\ ​
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