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 {{tag>​franklin madison lord-howe}} {{tag>​franklin madison lord-howe}}
 <WRAP center round info 60%> <WRAP center round info 60%>
-Source: https://​​about/permalinks+Source: https://​​documents/Franklin/​01-22-02-0307
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 Copy \\ Copy \\
-[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.] +Referenced by [[historicaldocuments:​letters:​madison-to-coles1834|James Madison to Edward Coles, 29 August 1834]] \\ 
-6. This copy is dated July 30, the others July 20. The earlier date must be correct because, as noted below, the letter was delivered to Howe on the 30th. +[End Note numbering ​does not follows the Franklin Papers source ​due to software limitations.]
-7. See the headnote on Howe’s letter above, June 20. +
-8. See above, XXI, 408 et seq. +
-9. Col. William Palfrey to Hancock, July 31, 1776, in John G. Palfrey, “Life of William Palfrey,” Jared Sparks, ed., The Library of American Biography (25 vols., Boston and London, 1834–38), 2nd ser., VIII, 415, 417. Howe’s guarded answer to BF is below, Aug. 16. +
-10. The “dispatches” were Howe’s circular letter and declaration;​ see the headnote cited above. The statute was the Prohibitory Act. +
-1. The mercenaries were a recent addition; see the note on the Pa. Assembly’s instructions above, June 14, 1776. The other atrocities had long been BF’s stock in trade; see for example his letter to Hartley above, Sept. 12, 1775. +
-2. Presumably at their second interview, on Dec. 28, 1774: above, XXI, 571. +
-Permalink What’s this?  +
-https://​​documents/​Franklin/​01-22-02-0307 ​+
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