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eBook Collection!!! Some longer documents are being converted to eBooks. The first is released!
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Post-Revolutionary Era

  • Our American Government - 2003 edition
    This 132 page publication from the U.S. House continues to be a popular introductory guide for American citizens and those of other countries who seek a greater understanding of our heritage of democracy. The question-and-answer-format covers a broad range of topics dealing with the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of our Government as well as the electoral process and the role of political parties.

Pre-Revolutionary Era

These letters mostly cover James Madison's thoughts on nullification

The call for the Philadelphia Convention and Credentials, Commissions for the Delegates.

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Take your time to browse around the Convention of States Wiki. We hope to answer all your questions about Article V and assist the State Legislatures in their goal of reining in an out of control Federal government.

Here is the Convention of States Plan

Here is the Convention of States Project Application for the Convention

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