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Source: Core Values

Convention of States Core Values

Empowering Purpose-Driven People

We seek to build a nationwide network of grassroots activists who are motivated by real, lifelong relationships—not with a faraway organization but with their friends, family, neighbors, communities, and local representatives. Those relationships are built through both group and one-on-one training and mentoring that enhance our volunteers’ effectiveness as activists, their personal knowledge of the Constitution, and their motivation for getting in the fight for self-governance.

Be Kind

The Convention of States Project seeks to cultivate a culture of servant leadership. This does not preclude speaking the truth boldly or standing up forcefully to defend what is right. But each individual member is responsible for treating others with kindness, humility, and genuine goodwill

Culture of Self-Governance

Just as we seek to create a culture of self-governance in our country, we want to promote a culture in our organization that empowers our volunteers and employees to make their own decisions, learn from their mistakes, and adjust their strategy.

Act, Learn, Adjust

Rather than be afraid of adversity and fearful of action, we want to promote a culture that acts courageously, learns humbly, and adjusts strategically. Every road block in the path to self-governance is another opportunity to learn from our mistakes and strengthen the movement.

Constitutional Originalism

The U.S. Constitution has survived the test of time and empowered our country to become the most prosperous nation in world history. We believe our country should adhere as closely as possible to that system, which is why we believe in constitutional originalism. Rather than propose constitutional amendments that change our system of governance, we want to propose amendments that restore that system of governance by promoting limited government, federalism, fiscal responsibility, and true statesmanship.

Judeo-Christian Values

Our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian values that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Each individual was created in the image of God and is therefore endowed with rights that transcend government and which the government should seek to protect. That’s why we’re fighting to call the first-ever Article V Convention of States to limit federal power and inspire a political and spiritual awakening in our country.

Real-World, Measurable Impact

It’s impossible to properly judge a movement’s real-world impact without fact-based accountability. As a way to hold ourselves accountable to our donors and our supporters, the Convention of States Project is dedicated to transparent impact measuring that provides a clear picture of our goals and progress.

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